We work on two levels: chartering and operation deliverables— knit together.

Brief Overview

Offering a comprehensive service spanning tanker, bulker, and offshore markets. KTB has extensive experience in spot chartering and structuring Contracts of Affreightments, including over 1,000 crude oil fixtures as well as over 1,000 lubricant, chemical, and biodiesel fixtures.

We have also brokered multiyear time-charters for chemical, offshore, and research vessels. We can arrange transportation of bulk liquid and dry bulk commodities, including crude oil, chemicals, LPG, LNG, CPP, lube oils, heavy lifts, sulphur, grains, iron ore and steel. KTB has the knowledge base to source vessels with ice-breaking capabilities for ice management, towing, assisting vessels and traffic safety and control in icy conditions.

Our Sale and Purchase services include secondhand vessels, establishing newbuilding contracts, and advisory services to determine market valuations.

We also provide reliable advice for all your shipbroking needs, including:

Vessel sourcing

Tactical transportation strategies

Streamline communication and supplier coordination

Negotiating marine contracts

Process integration

Information sharing services between supply chain partners

Develop strategic partnerships

Align marine and supply strategy