Handling all your Chartering & Operation Requirements

We’re on a quest to be the best boutique marine transportation supply chain firm.

Our Story

Established in 1988, we have been specializing in vessel sourcing, contract negotiations, and tailor-made charter party terms including Charterer protective clauses. With over 35 years of experience, we are skilled at distribution strategy, market analysis, marine knowledge workshops, and shipping operations.

We provide our clients with:

Vessel sourcing

Tactical transportation strategies

Streamline communication and supplier coordination

Negotiating marine contracts

Process integration

Information sharing services between supply chain partners

Develop strategic partnerships

Align marine and supply strategy

We work on two levels: chartering and operations – knit together

We source vessels that exceed client needs; negotiate the marine transportation contract; and follow the shipment through operationally. KTB is an integral part of the shipment process, functioning as a seamless extension of our Charterer’s marine, trading, and logistics desks.