Market Reports

Comprehensive data analysis.

Industry-Leading Maritime Intelligence with KTB Marine

Stay ahead of the market and your competitors with KTB Marine’s ‘Market Waves’ reports. Subscription-based and tailored to your needs, Market Waves provide invaluable insights, market intelligence, policy and legal developments, analysis and forecasting in critical sectors including Chemical Tankers, Crude Tankers, Dry Bulk Vessels, LPG, and Product Tankers.

KTB Marine uses its decades of industry expertise, proprietary data gathering and analysis methods, an audience-focused approach to deliver the intelligence you need to elevate your maritime operations.

We are committed to providing the best strategic intelligence and advice, and to becoming an indispensable resource for maritime professionals seeking a deeper understanding of market dynamics and trends.

Harness the Power of Market Reports to:
  • Make Informed Decisions
  • Navigate Markets with Expertise
  • Optimize Operations for Maximum Efficiency
  • Understand the Evolving Market Landscape
  • Navigate Challenges and Seize Growth Opportunities

Sign up for Market Waves and unlock the transformative power of our market intelligence. Contact us today to discover how Market Waves by KTB Marine can help you achieve success in the ever-changing maritime industry.