RFP Bids (Request for Proposal)

We have a history of winning.

Structuring RFP Documentation

At KTB, we have a wealth of experience in preparing and issuing requests for proposals (RFPs). Our clients have retained our expertise to help procure vessels to meet their needs.

Our thorough methodology ensures that we carefully consider every aspect of the requirement, leading to well-organized and concise RFP documents. Because of our decades of experience, we can effectively assess and vet submissions, ensuring a smooth and efficient RFP process.

Submitting RFP Bids

KTB has an exceptional track record of winning RFP bids. We apply our industry knowledge, broad networks, and market intelligence to put together nuanced and detailed RFP submissions. We understand, beyond what’s on the page, what the project needs, and we apply our analytical and drafting abilities to help craft winning proposals. In choosing KTB as your RFP partner, you can be confident that you will receive a precisely tailored solution to meet the unique demands of each RFP.