We’ve built a legacy by fulfilling and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Brief Overview

KTB is a leading marine transportation solutions group with the proven ability to design and handle shipping solutions for any client – an oil company, educational institute, or government agency.

For over 30 years, passion has been driving the KTB transport logistics team. Our goal is to provide a seamless customer experience by giving you access to exactly what you need with our outsourcing services. Our process focuses on increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and producing optimum results for our clients.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a comprehensive range of marine chartering and operation outsourcing services to help elevate your business. Our knowledge-based approach and commitment to quality allows us to provide detailed outsourcing services that meet stringent operational management requirements. For example, we can help you provide marine operation coordination for worldwide oil and gas importation, source the appropriate vessels, and establish a collaborative partnership across offices.

With barriers like fluctuating fuel costs, transportation logistics can be daunting but they do not have to be. KTB can help you run voyage estimates, determine the right ship for your transportation requirements, and help secure the vessel and favourable contract terms.
Marine transportation logistics can be incredibly complex but with our background and access to global experts, we can help you get the job done in compliance with national and international laws, standards, and regulations.

We provide our clients with:

Vessel sourcing

Tactical transportation strategies

Streamline communication and supplier coordination

Negotiating marine contracts

Process integration

Information sharing services between supply chain partners

Develop strategic partnerships

Align marine and supply strategy