Our Story

A one-stop shop for contract negotiations, vessel sourcing, and everything in between.

A Little More About Us
History and Heritage

Shipping is in our blood. With five consecutive generations of experience in the maritime industry, KTB’s long-standing heritage in shipping dates back to the 1800s.

For KTB, marine transportation solutions are not simply a job, it is our passion. We are enthusiastic about each project we work on since we love the creative, social, and intellectual process. We are deeply honored and privileged to be able to work with our clients on the marine supply chain.

We provide worldwide market coverage and over the past 35 years we have facilitated more than 2,500 bulk liquid and dry bulk commodity shipments.

KTB Today

Today, KTB has worldwide market coverage, with a diverse set of clients from Fortune 500 companies, oil and gas companies, private equity investment firms, dry cargo major resource corporations, universities, financial institutions, governments, rail transit, and commodity trading firms. Our network of relationships is just as expansive.

KTB provides comprehensive supply chain management consulting for the marine transportation industry. We specialize in:

  • Vessel sourcing
  • Contract negotiations
  • Tailor-made charter party terms including Charterer protective clauses
  • AI supported data analytics and intelligence to assist in marine decision making

We love brainstorming with our clients as shipping is a business that revolves around enduring partnerships. We will take the time needed to understand what your needs and expectations are. We are proud to go above and beyond for each and every shipment.

 You can trust that we will go the extra nautical mile to provide a range of chartering and operation services beyond the role of a traditional shipbroker.