Expert advice for corporations, governments, and a wide variety of sectors.

Brief Overview

KTB has a wealth of experience in creating tailor-made logistics solutions. We have provided consultancy services to:

  • Oil and Trading Companies
  • Private Equity Investment Firms
  • Dry Cargo Major Resource Corporations
  • Rail Transit
  • Universities
  • Financial Institutions
Developing Strategies

We help clients develop strategies and operating models that integrate planning, transportation, quality, cost optimization, as well as connect customers with suppliers across the extended supply chain.

With more than 30 years of shipping experience, we know how to overcome challenges that come up in ever-changing markets. With our operations optimization expertise and precise strategic focus, we deliver shipping services no matter how complex whether it be in niche markets, major trading lanes, or remote geographical areas of operation.

We offer a range of consulting services including:


Competitive analysis

Risk management

Voyage estimates

Marine distribution strategy

Problem Solving

Creative problem solving and decisive execution are critical in today’s competitive market. We plan, design, and provide sophisticated shipping solutions that focus on improving productivity and streamlining operations. KTB has a long history of helping our clients identify their needs and producing real-time solutions accordingly. In short, we help clients figure out what they need and make it happen.

When it comes to our clients, we do not cut any corners. Not only have our clients trusted us year after year, those clients have confidently referred us to others. Our advantage is simple: we eat, breathe, and sleep shipping.